Water recovery systems

General information

AquaPur is a system of water purification based on the method of mechanical filtration aided by the number of washes above 600 per month flocculation method, which allows the recovery of water within approx. 95%. The main element of the system is a quartz container in which the reaction occurs, and wherein the filtration bed is subject to self-cleaning filter.

This is a very efficient and characterized by low operating costs.


Duty cycle

  1. channel wash water through the strainer gets the reservoir
  2. retention tank is sucked into the filter AquaPur
  3. reaction of the water purification filter
  4. purified water gets to the surge tank AquaPur
  5. from the expansion tank AquaPur water is supplied to the automatic car wash
  6. excess water from the expansion tank AQUAPUR is discharged to the settler
  7. excess water in the system is discharged into the sewage system
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