Automatic car wash for trucks, vans and buses
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General information

WASHTEC model NUFA – proposed by us wash corresponds to the growing interest of companies who want to offer washing trucks, vans and buses. It has the ability to wash vehicles with a height of 4.20 m and a length of 22 m. It has a microprocessor control system, which allows a simple way to set the vehicle and automatic control of the brush pressure and the ability to program selection by the user.

Washing programs

  • washing + rinsing wax drying
  • washing chassis (Optional)
vario czy NUFA NUFA

Technical Specifications

Washing height 4.20 (m)
Width of the washing 2.60 (m)
Height of the machine, along with the cover roof brush 5.17 (m)
Width of the machine, along with the cover side brushes 4.92 (m)
Length machines equipped with a cover roof brush 23.00-24.00 (m)
Length of the rails wash. 6.00 (m)
Hall height min 6.00 (m)
Width of the hall min. 24.00-25.00 (m)
Length of the hall min. 4-6 bar
Water pressure 230/400V
Power connection 16 KW
Rated voltage
Power consumption 5x4mm2
Water consumption 400-500l

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Standard equipment

  • 3 brush cleaning system of the vehicle body,
  • shampoo active system,
  • system wax-drying and rinse aid,
  • separate nozzles for each detergent,
  • system pumps dispensing chemicals to the hydraulic machine,
  • system of solenoid valves that control the hydraulic system,
  • wardrobe microprocessor control and supervising the work of washing,
  • steel rails bolted to the floor,
  • wires from the control cabinet with a “curtain” leading
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