Water recovery systems

General information

AquaX is a new and innovative water treatment system, based on a new method of mechanical filtration, allows for 100% recovery.

With proper use, does not need any chemical flocking and disinfectants. Consequently, this system represents a very effective and economical way of purifying water from the car wash at low operating costs.

While the car wash is little used or not working, AquaX automatically goes into standby. The device in this state takes considerably less power, but all the time it is ready for operation and does not have to be switched off at night. AquaX a water purification system consisting of two filters, the purified water tank and the electrical control cabinet.


Cykl pracy:

  1. channel wash water through the strainer gets the reservoir
  2. retention tank is sucked into the filter AquaX
  3. reaction of the water purification filter
  4. ourified water gets to the surge tank AquaX
  5. from the expansion tank AquaX water is supplied to the automatic car wash
  6. excess water from the expansion tank AQUAPUR is discharged to the settler
  7. excess water in the system is discharged into the sewage system
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