Chemicals for car washes

General information

REJKO chemical car care products are recommended for all washing systems.

We offer:

  • Shampoo – for automatic and manual car wash
  • Active foam – removes dirt and protects the surface of the vehicle, produces a pleasant smell
  • Hot wax – a preservative preparation of a permanent protective effect produces a pleasant smell, supports and accelerates the flow of water coating, gives the body luster.
  • Wax drying – supports and accelerates the flow of water coating, gives the body luster, produces a pleasant scent..
  • Powder XP + – concentrate a maximum degree of concentration of active substances. Very efficient with very high cleaning efficiency.
  • Powder EKO – great dissolves and produces an intense foam. Very good flowability in automatic feeders and a pleasant smell.
  • Salt pelletized – used in contactless washing, water softener.
  • Crystalline wax (polish) – formula without solvent, leaves a lasting, crystal shine on the paint, plastics, chrome and glass, without greasy.
  • Detergent for the removal of insects – a very effective product for removing insects from painted surfaces, plastic and glass. Preparation in the form of a concentrate.
Aktywna piana01Krystaliczna politura woskowa03 Szampon intensywnie myjący02 Środek do usuwania owadów02 Środek osuszająco-nabłyszczający02 Wosk na gorąco03

Advantages of products

  • economy and efficiency
  • excellent gloss varnish
  • washing without streaks
  • safe for vehicles, delicacy
  • washes the paint, body and vehicle equipment
  • application of new pleasant odors
  • perfect operation of the water of varying quality
  • lasting protection and care of the vehicle
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