Touchless car washes, container, 1-12 stand

General information

Touchless car washes offered by our company have the latest technology, have a cost-effective operation, have a wide selection of colors and interesting design and extensive equipment options. The technique is based on the highest quality components manufacturers Italian, German, Japanese and Polish. The equipment of our car wash works on the basis of contactless technology in the foam detergent compositions. Work washer is reliable even at -30 degrees Celsius. The high level of washing vehicles in the shortest time minimizes the cost of cleaning. Our technology is based on a modular platform and works on the principle of independence of one position from the second (also when it comes to configuring techniques in the container) .For chemicals, installing water-softening and filter system we use only stainless steel.

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Washing programs

  1. Detergent  for insects: the use of a specific measure to remove the remains of insects
  2. Foam on the low pressure: the use of the vehicle wash detergent composition in the form of active foam to soften the dirt
  3. High pressure with shampoo: washing cars under high pressure, hot water with the active shampoo removes dirt difficult to clean
  4. Hot water: washing with warm water under high pressure to remove detergent and dirt
  5. Cold water: rinsing with cold water under high pressure to remove detergent and dirt
  6. Wax: Wax applied on the cleaned surface of the car. The polymer composition facilitates drying wax, polishes and protects painted surfaces. It gives shine and also causes water and dirt do not adhere to the paint and glass
  7. Osmosis: the final rinsing with demineralized water prevents the formation of spots and streaks. After using this program, the car does not need to be wiped, because it dries the water does not leave stains.

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