General information

Each regenerated with us wash undergoing thorough repair of structural elements with the replacement of regenerated electrical components, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Therefore, we would like to show you, step by step, the regeneration process from the moment of arrival to the unit area of our site, to the customer for assembly.


Disassembly of the entire device

Sandblasting construction elements

Powder painting all metal elements

Painting other plastics-component acrylic paint

Installation of the system parts to wash

  • driving system
  • hydraulic system
  • electrical system
  • pneumatic system

The test launch of the car wash on the company's premises

Assembly of the car wash at the customer

All elements of the wash are very thoroughly tested and reconditioned.

Car wash before regeneration

Washes after full recovery are available in any color with one year or two-year warranty.

For each machine installed new brushes:

Passenger car wash brushes Sponge
washing trucks: brush trimmer

Car wash after regeneration

Myjnie po pełnej regeneracji oferowane są w dowolnym kolorze z roczną lub dwuletnią gwarancją.

Do każdej maszyny montowane są nowe szczotki:

  • myjnie osobowe: szczotki gąbkowe
  • myjnie ciężarowe: szczotki żyłkowe