Maxi Wash VARIO

Automatic car wash for trucks and buses
Available in New Regenerated

General information

MaxiWash VARIO – a car wash for every type of vehicle, for washing trucks, vans and buses. Recommended for entrepreneurs providing public service vehicle washing or cleaning their own rolling stock. Innovative solutions and modern electronics gives a quick and perfect cleaning result.

Washing programs

  • washing + rinsing wax drying
  • washing chassis (Optional)
MaxiWash Vario MaxiWash Vario MWV

Technical Specifications

Washing height 4.20 (m)
Width of the washing 2.60 (m)
Height of the portal, along with the cover roof brush 5.17 (m)
Width of portal with shields side brushes 4.92 (m)
Length of the rails wash 23.00-24.00 (m)
Hall height min. 6.00 (m)
Width of the hall min. 6.00 (m)
Length of the hall min. 24.00-25.00 (m)
Water pressure 4-6 bar
Rated voltage 230/400V
Power connection 16 KW
Electrical connection 5x4mm2
Water consumption 400-500l

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Realizations in the world

Standard equipment

  • design portal galvanized,
  • brushes adapting to the outline of the washed vehicle,
  • mode with a cover side brush washing zones in the front and rear of the vehicle – it leaves the vertical streaks on the mask and the rear of the vehicle,
  • double bearing side brushes (top and bottom brushes) – provides uniform brush pressure for the surface being cleaned, and extends the life of the machine,
  • fully automatic washing programs,
  • gearmotors perform all travels and movements,
  • microprocessor controller,
  • shampoo dispensing system using a dosing pump, shampoo canister installed on the portal,
  • cover side brushes,
  • cover the roof brush,
  • frequency converters control the rotation engine – allows for quieter wash, the milder the start and braking, speed matching portal to the current washing program and ensures a longer service life,
  • dual-circuit water system: adapting to work on water and fresh water recirculation,
  • steel rails bolted to the floor,
  • system towed hoses and cables,
  • manual control panel mounted on the car wash hall,
  • set of connecting cables for the panel manual control
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